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Mario & Bowser Pumpkin

Hey sweet readers, I am sharing this email of fun for many reasons, an Update of what's new, voting and more! I'm so excited that I am working a couple days a week at a wonderful local dental office in MLB, FL. Below in this email even more dental roots, of where you can visit or purchase some of my acrylic paintings.

Please stay tuned for emails to follow to see new goodies, calendar's, an Art event taking place at my favorite local low-tox nail salon. Feel free to email me any questions, requests or Art-ing needs. Thank you for your continued support, Kasey

It's that time of year!

"The Schumacher Orthodontics Pumpkin Contest"

2 ways to vote for us . . .

1. Via Facebook with the link provided below. Click the "LIKE" button on the picture of the Mario & Bowser pumpkin! (Android user's 'like' button may be on the upper right-hand corner.)

2. Or in Schumacher Orthodontics office from now until 10/27. You can walk through and view all of the amazing entries. Then, vote for your favorite- we hope it will be ours! Our Pumpkin is " Mario & Bowser." *Your kiddos would love to do this! Any art lovers too! So many beautiful 3-D Art pieces. Schumacher Orthodontics 1901 S Patrick Drive Indian Harbour Beach, FL 32937

Thank you so much for your support. Happy Fall. Rowley Family Dentistry

If you know me, you know I try to weave in eco-friendly ways when and where I can. Happy to share this link below for your Halloween and costume needs to celebrate this year. Natural Face Paint, Individual Jars of Face Paint, and Eco-Friendly Glitter. So much love goes into this company and what they offer.

Happy Halloween planning & creating!

I am very glad to announce that four of my largest acrylics on canvas are on tour with Gentle Dental Associates. This office is so nice and they have an amazing team! I have temped there quite a bit over the years. Please feel free to inquire with me for any questions or prices as they are available for purchase. And of course stop in to ask for an in person viewing or dental inquires. Each painting was inspired by nature. Two from a trip to a rose garden, out west, one in our wetlands locally and another on my first plane ride when I was 15 years old. Thank you Dr. Jen & Greg!

Smile, Kasey Rdh

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Stephanie O.

"Kasey is patient and so kind. A dream to work and play with!

An Artist in body, mind and spirit."

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