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K. Klein, Artist


watercolor create open quiet simple
collaborate sustainable pause Be eco
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"Kasey is patient and so kind. A dream to work and play with!

An Artist in body, mind and spirit"  Stephanie O. 

"The whole vibe of this class was so beautiful, Kasey you're simply amazing at leading humans in finding themselves through artist expression! Love you SO much." Gail L.

"Kasey is such a talented artist who creates beauty from her heart. I love hearing the stories behind her art and the journey each piece takes her on. She has a passion for encouraging and challenging those she meets and leads through her art events. I would recommend checking out her online store and upcoming events!" Krishana K.

"In December, I attended an amazing virtual birthday party on Zoom for my sister-in-law, which was hosted by visual artist Kasey Klein. I really didn’t know what to expect since I hadn’t attended a virtual event like this previously. Kasey had mailed art supplies to all event attendees in advance of the party. During the event, she literally taught us how to paint, mix and use color, and advised us on texture techniques. At the conclusion of the party, everyone shared what they had created, and Kasey pointed out the beauty each work possessed. I had such a great time and felt so relaxed and creative while enjoying learning more about how to paint. I highly endorse Kasey to host any future art events you may be considering. Her artistic talent speaks for itself, and she is also a very kind and inspiring person who you will enjoy spending time with." Eileen B.

"When Kasey came over it was so much fun! Her energy was amazing, I felt like I could create anything. One of the main reasons I liked it so much was because she encouraged us to try our best & was so kind. Overall, I would 100% do it again, it was fantastic." Layla 

"I had planned a special day for my daughter & I to have a painting session with Kasey. Kasey came over with a bag of goodies. Stencils, paints, canvas & we loved the ideas. We were able to work with Kasey with a variety of paints. Kasey kept myself and two young girls engaged & exploring different styles of art. Kasey was able to demonstrate & share great tips. It was such a lovely day filled with love & laughter. We can't wait to plan another art day. Kaseys' kind voice & glowing personality was a combination of an art special kind of day." Georgianna I. 

"This was my second art class with Kasey & I highly recommend it! I left inspired, motivated to create & relaxed after the beautiful experience she created. She is an amazing artist, teacher, loving, & kind. Kasey gives you a framework to enter your creativity to feel free to explore it. Thank you Kasey for the great time & inspiration to keep creating!" Karina 

"I enjoy Kasey's paintings...I have several & used her calendars for years now. I decided to purchase an original. When I saw her bee painting, I had to have it...I am a beekeeper in California & create pollinator gardens to attract our important flying friends! It arrived in perfect condition." Jennifer W. 

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