work with me ...

book a creative consult 

30m, 60m or 1.5hr for us to talk out, map out creative solutions together on a zoom

1 on 1
$222, art supplies, pre & post of intention setting, herbal tea, cacao or coffee, paints & canvas included for 2 hour session to bring your art vibes to life.

Done at my studio or at your home if you live within 22 miles of me.

My home studio does include a
catdog. You must like animals.

Arty Party/ 3ppl or more @your home
 Only, $55 for each person to create with watercolors or natural earth pigments. Max of 8 people per session. All supplies brought to your place / space to borrow.

***$25 traveling per 25-50 miles*** 

commission Art 
When working together to create a custom piece, we will start by determining the size of painting you are interested in. 

Prices do not include tax or shipping
Pricing for a few typical sizes:

10" x 10" - $333 
11" x 14" - $444 
24" x 24" - $1111
36" x 36" - $2222
36" x 48" - $3333

Once you choose size, we will talk through colors, past works of mine that you align with & make sure we are on the same page for direction of the painting(s). No two pieces are alike & every commission, you are receiving, an Original. 

Once we have the size, visual direction, I will create visual & information like photos, dates, payment schedules, etc.

You can expect a 1 month turnaround
Email me to get started